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The PowerPot: cooking + electricity

From last year at Kickstarter:

The PowerPot is an innovative new generator that turns heat from cooking directly into electricity with no moving parts. .... With your help, we hope to get Power Pots into the hands of the people who need it most, and onto your own stove or campfire!

Models offered:

  • "The PowerPot V is a typical backpacking type cooking pot, with thermoelectric technology attached to the base that makes it a 5W generator."
  • "The PowerPot X is a typical kitchen-style pot, with integrated thermoelectric technology that makes it a 10W generator."
  • "The PowerPot XV is a 15 Watt PowerPot model currently in development. .... [It] would enable a family in a developing nation to generate enough power for their cellphones and even home lighting!"

Rewards include:

  • $99 donate one PowerPot V
  • $125 order one PowerPot V
  • $199 order one PowerPot V & donate one PowerPot V

... and similar for larger PowerPot models.

Learn more about the product on their website.

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WakaWaka solar power station and light - 2 projects

From their 2012 project at Kickstarter:

We designed the coolest looking solar LED lamp and we called it ‘WAKAWAKA’ which means ‘Shine Bright’ in Swahili. ...

Why is it cool looking? Because we want WAKAWAKA to become a success in the US and Europe as well. We hope YOU like it for example. And if YOU like WAKAWAKA, than so will someone in Kenya, Tanzania, India or Haiti.

I think that's a great way of describing one of the important ways that give1-get1 differs from regular donations.

Some of the rewards:

  • $30 donate a lamp to a school in Kenya
  • $35 get one
  • $65 "WAKAWAKA ONE FOR ME ONE FOR ...? yes, that's the question"

Total funding: $48,399. A followup project earlier this year received $419,474:

Super efficient Personal Solar Power Station to charge your iPad, iPhone or any other smart phone. With excellent reading light.

More info on their website.

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