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My Little Geek, for pre-school kids

Oops, sorry we missed this one while the campaign was active.

After the success of their first book, the writers of 'My Little Geek' turned to Kickstarter, raising $12,265 for their next project.

We are creating two new books called Nerdy Numbers and Sci-fi Shapes, plus an iPad app. The app will have digital versions of these two new books and the original My Little Geek alphabet book, plus a dozen educational mini-games.

The concept:

My Little Geek is all about educating pre-school kids in a tech-savvy world. Our first book .... sold thousands of copies all over the world. Now that we've proven this can be a success we are ready for something even bigger but we need your help!

Buy One, Give One:

For every $10 you add above your standard pledge, we'll be able to give a book to a school in need. So you'll still get a reward for yourself and you'll be helping kids in need - everybody wins!

Several pledges were available ranging from $16 to $650.

See their website for more info.

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Lauren Ipsum: Computer Science for Kids

This book is "A story about computer science and other improbable things."

I feel I should warn you. No computers will be found in this book. ... Ideas are the real stuff of computer science. This book is about those ideas, and how to find them.

In this Kickstarter project from 2011, the creators added "Get one, Give one" several months after the project closed. (That's another useful aspect of crowdfunding sites; they provide a nice platform for staying in touch with backers after the project ends.)

we've started a "one for one" program. For every copy sold, we're donating another to schools, libraries, and educational programs.

Books donated to date: 462.

There's a little bit of fine print on their site: "For every retail paperback copy ... sold we donate another ..." (emphasis added). From the business side, that's perfectly reasonable: their profit on copies sold through bookstores and such may not cover the cost of donating a book. I think Give1-Get1 is most useful where it is sustainable.

Though the Kickstarter project is long over, the book is still available at

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Canadian Escapades: a great story, dual-language, aligned by sentence was created by Germancosm, publisher of Canadian Escapades.

It's a story worth reading: a daring adventure ... with a twist. It's a book worth sharing: help us send to schools & libraries.

Don't worry if you can't read a word of German; just ignore that column and enjoy the story in English.

Please take a minute to review the project at Indiegogo, or related material on YouTube, Flickr, or the blog. Thanks!

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