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My Little Geek, for pre-school kids

Oops, sorry we missed this one while the campaign was active.

After the success of their first book, the writers of 'My Little Geek' turned to Kickstarter, raising $12,265 for their next project.

We are creating two new books called Nerdy Numbers and Sci-fi Shapes, plus an iPad app. The app will have digital versions of these two new books and the original My Little Geek alphabet book, plus a dozen educational mini-games.

The concept:

My Little Geek is all about educating pre-school kids in a tech-savvy world. Our first book .... sold thousands of copies all over the world. Now that we've proven this can be a success we are ready for something even bigger but we need your help!

Buy One, Give One:

For every $10 you add above your standard pledge, we'll be able to give a book to a school in need. So you'll still get a reward for yourself and you'll be helping kids in need - everybody wins!

Several pledges were available ranging from $16 to $650.

See their website for more info.

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