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The PowerPot: cooking + electricity

From last year at Kickstarter:

The PowerPot is an innovative new generator that turns heat from cooking directly into electricity with no moving parts. .... With your help, we hope to get Power Pots into the hands of the people who need it most, and onto your own stove or campfire!

Models offered:

  • "The PowerPot V is a typical backpacking type cooking pot, with thermoelectric technology attached to the base that makes it a 5W generator."
  • "The PowerPot X is a typical kitchen-style pot, with integrated thermoelectric technology that makes it a 10W generator."
  • "The PowerPot XV is a 15 Watt PowerPot model currently in development. .... [It] would enable a family in a developing nation to generate enough power for their cellphones and even home lighting!"

Rewards include:

  • $99 donate one PowerPot V
  • $125 order one PowerPot V
  • $199 order one PowerPot V & donate one PowerPot V

... and similar for larger PowerPot models.

Learn more about the product on their website.

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WakaWaka solar power station and light - 2 projects

From their 2012 project at Kickstarter:

We designed the coolest looking solar LED lamp and we called it ‘WAKAWAKA’ which means ‘Shine Bright’ in Swahili. ...

Why is it cool looking? Because we want WAKAWAKA to become a success in the US and Europe as well. We hope YOU like it for example. And if YOU like WAKAWAKA, than so will someone in Kenya, Tanzania, India or Haiti.

I think that's a great way of describing one of the important ways that give1-get1 differs from regular donations.

Some of the rewards:

  • $30 donate a lamp to a school in Kenya
  • $35 get one
  • $65 "WAKAWAKA ONE FOR ME ONE FOR ...? yes, that's the question"

Total funding: $48,399. A followup project earlier this year received $419,474:

Super efficient Personal Solar Power Station to charge your iPad, iPhone or any other smart phone. With excellent reading light.

More info on their website.

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MeForYou backpacks with school supplies, at StartSomeGood

From Mankato, MN and hosted at StartSomeGood:

MeForYou is selling good quality, fashionable backpacks on a buy one, get one model. Actually, our tagline is Buy One. Bless One. What does that mean? For each backpack we sell, we are going to donate a backpack full of school supplies to another student in need in and around the community it was purchased. ... MeForYou is run by students and for students.

It looks like the project was run strictly based on donations. The students will then sell the donated backpacks in order to pay for a 2nd backback and school supplies. That' not quite Give1-Get1 but still a worthwhile project.

Visit their website to learn more.

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Bosavi Headlamp, bright and clever

The pitch at Kickstarter last year:

Bosavi® is a blindingly bright, lightweight, ultra-compact headlamp built around a custom Lithium-polymer battery.

One of the rewards (limited to 50 people):

Pledge $65 or more - Give One Get One: Get a rechargeable Bosavi headlamp and donate another Bosavi headlamp to a scholarship student or staff member of the Northwest Outward Bound School.

His reason for offering a Give1-Get1 reward is both personal and practical:

Bosavi will almost certainly not make any money on these units, but we couldn't be happier about this exciting new reward.

Why are we doing it if we aren't going to be making money on them? First of all, I took an Outward Bound course and it was truly one of the most formative experiences of my life. Secondly, our first run will consist of 1000 units, and I would much rather see them be put to use by deserving people than sitting in a warehouse somewhere while we try to develop our sales channels.

The give1-get1 option is gone, but the product is available for $69.95 on their website. Noteworthy features:

  • charge via USB
  • optional bike mount
  • packaging can be folded into an origami lantern
  • white and red LED

It has several 5 star reviews at Amazon.

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Sock Monkeys Against Cancer (SMAC), at StartSomeGood

These should cheer people up:

We're a gang of philanthropic monkeys providing tangible support to those battling cancer.

Cancer can be a lonely existence. My mom lives 1,200 miles away, making all of her cancer tests & treatments that much harder for both of us.

This is why I created SMAC! -- to give Mom a “buddy” she could hug to remind her that I am with her.

Though not listed in the sidebar reward descriptions, it looks like every purchase generates a matching gift:

One SMAC! = Two: ... for every monkey purchased, a second monkey will go to someone else with cancer

The result: $35,681 including several at $250 - $2,000.

Visit their website for more info or to pre-order a monkey.


Worth noting: Kickstarter and Indiegogo aren't the only crowdfunding sites with successful projects. This one is at StartSomeGood. From their overview:

We exist to empower you to become a social innovator. By providing social entrepreneurs, changemakers and non-profits with the tools you need to rally your community and raise funds, together we can turn ideas into action and impact.

I'm sure we'll feature more projects from their site. Meanwhile, head over and check it out.

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Children's ABC Wallet Cards -- 2 projects

From Marie-Claire Camp of Grand Rapids, MI:

Gorgeous, educational, nontoxic cards that not even my twin two-year old boys can destroy.

Kids love to play with cards – credit cards, gift cards and flash cards – but most of those plastic cards are made of toxic PVC, and paper cards disintegrate in small children's mouths. So I've designed a gorgeous set of extremely durable, non-toxic cards for very small children to play with. I describe these cards as indestructible.

Here's the $40 reward tier:

GET ONE & GIVE ONE. You get the full deck. Shipped. + A deck is donated to a nonprofit organization working with small children

She raised $14,103 in 2012, then $27,687 this year in a followup project for additional cards: Color & Shape, Number, GO, and a wallet.

The "GET one GIVE one" tier was $25, or $85 for GET four GIVE four.

An ongoing 'give' is listed on their website:

3% of proceeds are donated to literacy-based nonprofit organizations every year!

The original cards are available for $19.95, with pre-order options for the new sets.

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