Children's ABC Wallet Cards -- 2 projects

From Marie-Claire Camp of Grand Rapids, MI:

Gorgeous, educational, nontoxic cards that not even my twin two-year old boys can destroy.

Kids love to play with cards – credit cards, gift cards and flash cards – but most of those plastic cards are made of toxic PVC, and paper cards disintegrate in small children's mouths. So I've designed a gorgeous set of extremely durable, non-toxic cards for very small children to play with. I describe these cards as indestructible.

Here's the $40 reward tier:

GET ONE & GIVE ONE. You get the full deck. Shipped. + A deck is donated to a nonprofit organization working with small children

She raised $14,103 in 2012, then $27,687 this year in a followup project for additional cards: Color & Shape, Number, GO, and a wallet.

The "GET one GIVE one" tier was $25, or $85 for GET four GIVE four.

An ongoing 'give' is listed on their website:

3% of proceeds are donated to literacy-based nonprofit organizations every year!

The original cards are available for $19.95, with pre-order options for the new sets.

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