TeloMe - a telomere test

A scientific project at Indiegogo earlier this year:

TeloMe has developed the first affordable, direct-to-you telomere test. Take control of your long-term health with our convenient, saliva-based test.

Selected perks:

  • $99 Saliva-based telomere test
  • $139 listed as "Give One, Get One" but actually just give half:

Pledge to support the Personal Genome Project (PGP) by covering half of the cost of one standard TeloMe test for the PGP's data set and get one for yourself at a discounted rate!

A little science:

Telomeres are the protective pieces of DNA on the ends of our chromosomes. They've been compared to the caps on the ends of shoelaces. They've also been compared to clocks inside our cells because they tick down, or shorten over time and exposure to various stresses. As they wind down, so do our cells. Short telomeres are associated with higher risk of a wide range of failing health, and older people aren't the only ones at risk.

Lots more on their website.

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