Luci: The Beautiful Solar Powered Light

From earlier this year at Indiegogo:

A solar powered light designed by MPOWERD that’s beautiful enough for your own home but within reach of the whole world

The two most popular perks:

$50 Give a Luci, Get a Luci - Give one light to a family in the developing world and get a Luci of your own. We'll also send you a thank you Tweet.

$100 Give Two Lucis, Get One - Give two lights to families in the developing world and we'll send you a Luci for yourself along with a thank you Tweet.

The current retail price on their website is $14.95 (for 'give' or 'get'), with a $5 discount for subsequent 'give' purchases. The retail product is also available at Amazon.

One thing that's not clear from their Indiegogo project or the company's website: the light is inflatable. From a review:

You use this Luci solar lantern by blowing it up like you would a beach ball or raft. When it’s fully inflated after a few puffs, it has metallic reflection plates on the top and the bottom. These diffuse the light and make it spread across the room or tent. It’s surprisingly bright on the high mode—good enough to read by while cozy in your sleeping back or cheap guesthouse room with one dim bulb.

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