Everything Happy: One to Love, One to Give


At the age of 7 years, young David was inspired by his sisters' favorite treasures-blankies and stuffed animals. He thought to combine these keepsakes, and thus created the first Happy Blankie. Just two short years later, David's creation left the drawing board and became a reality-a reality that is inspiring others across the globe.

Their “One to Love, One to Give” mission:

Together with his family, David distributes Everything Happy products to children in hospitals and orphanages all over the world. But none of this would possible without the Everything Happy customers who’ve opened their hearts to bring a smile to the faces of children far and wide.

The company's products include blankets, pillows, stuffed animals and more.

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Operation Smile: surgery and teddy bears


Operation Smile provides free surgeries to repair cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities for children around the globe.

In 2011, they launched their variation on a Give One, Get One program.

For as little as $240 you can help give a child a new smile and quite possibly the first teddy bear of their very own. Purchase the gift of a surgery and we will send a teddy bear on an Operation Smile medical mission to be hand-delivered to a child receiving surgery. To help remind you of your wonderful gift, you also will receive one of the commemorative bears for you to keep or share with someone special.

$240 is more of a donation than a purchase, but is still a good example of how longstanding charities can adapt the give/get approach.

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Tesco 'You Buy One, We Give One'

From across the pond:

As children went back to school in the UK with their new Tesco school uniforms, 100,000 brand new uniforms were donated to children in need in Kenya, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, giving them the opportunity to gain access to education and giving them a chance for a brighter future.

For every item bought from our 'You Buy One, We Give One' range, we will donate a complete school uniform to a child in Kenya, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Both the purchased and donated uniforms are made in these 3 countries -- an excellent model for others to follow. (The promotion was previously called 'Buy One, Give One Free'; I like the new phrase better.)

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Baby Teresa organic cotton baby clothing

For the little ones:

Baby Teresa sells a line of gorgeous 100% organic cotton baby clothing and accessories. For each baby outfit we sell we also donate another to a child in need. For each accessory item we sell, a portion of the sales go to purchasing formula for babies in need. So far we've made donations in over 20 countries from Peru to Egypt. Our baby clothes and accessories are soft, cuddly, fair trade and make a superb baby shower gift. (link added)

Their tagline is "buy once, give twice" -- which doesn't actually make sense to me. Maybe it's an Australian thing...

Here's their full collection.

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My Little Geek, for pre-school kids

Oops, sorry we missed this one while the campaign was active.

After the success of their first book, the writers of 'My Little Geek' turned to Kickstarter, raising $12,265 for their next project.

We are creating two new books called Nerdy Numbers and Sci-fi Shapes, plus an iPad app. The app will have digital versions of these two new books and the original My Little Geek alphabet book, plus a dozen educational mini-games.

The concept:

My Little Geek is all about educating pre-school kids in a tech-savvy world. Our first book .... sold thousands of copies all over the world. Now that we've proven this can be a success we are ready for something even bigger but we need your help!

Buy One, Give One:

For every $10 you add above your standard pledge, we'll be able to give a book to a school in need. So you'll still get a reward for yourself and you'll be helping kids in need - everybody wins!

Several pledges were available ranging from $16 to $650.

See their website for more info.

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Boppy® Pillows - Become another Mom's favorite Mom

In May of this year, the Boppy Company ran a Get One, Give One program:

For every Boppy® Slipcovered Pillow [purchased] at Babies”R”Us in May, The Boppy Company has committed to donate a Boppy® Slipcovered Pillow to Nurse-Family Partnership agencies who will distribute them to moms-in-need up to $250,000 worth of Pillows. Note: The Boppy® Slipcovered Pillow has a $39.99 suggested retail price.


Babies don't come with instruction manuals. Having your first baby can be especially challenging for a young mom living in poverty. Nurse-Family Partnership empowers first-time moms by pairing them with a trusted nurse who provides each mom with home visits to help her have a healthy pregnancy, improve her child's health and development and achieve economic self-sufficiency. Help us support these moms-in-need with this special gift.

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Angaza Design: Clean, solar light for Africa

An idea presented on Indiegogo earlier this year:

We are on a mission to replace dirty kerosene with sustainable, clean and affordable light.

The Problem:

Imagine life without light! Families in the developing world spend over 30% of their precious income on dirty, unsafe kerosene fuel just to have light after the sun goes down. .... Children who study by kerosene light inhale the equivalent of smoking 2 packs of cigarettes each night. This is the reality of life for over 1.6 billion people across the globe.

The Solution:

Angaza Design was started in early 2009 with a focus on eradicating energy poverty in rural communities around the world. After months of living in rural villages in Tanzania and seeing the debilitating effects of dependence on kerosene light, we set off with a goal of creating high-quality, high-performance solar lights and battery chargers for off-grid families and small businesses, to fulfill their pressing need for clean and reliable energy.

Selected Perks:

  • $55 Give a light! Deliver 1 Angaza SoLite to a rural hospital, school, or community center in East Africa.
  • $120 Give a light, Get a light! Deliver 1 Angaza SoLite to a rural hospital, school, or community center in East Africa and get one to you too!

Visit their website to learn more.

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The PowerPot: cooking + electricity

From last year at Kickstarter:

The PowerPot is an innovative new generator that turns heat from cooking directly into electricity with no moving parts. .... With your help, we hope to get Power Pots into the hands of the people who need it most, and onto your own stove or campfire!

Models offered:

  • "The PowerPot V is a typical backpacking type cooking pot, with thermoelectric technology attached to the base that makes it a 5W generator."
  • "The PowerPot X is a typical kitchen-style pot, with integrated thermoelectric technology that makes it a 10W generator."
  • "The PowerPot XV is a 15 Watt PowerPot model currently in development. .... [It] would enable a family in a developing nation to generate enough power for their cellphones and even home lighting!"

Rewards include:

  • $99 donate one PowerPot V
  • $125 order one PowerPot V
  • $199 order one PowerPot V & donate one PowerPot V

... and similar for larger PowerPot models.

Learn more about the product on their website.

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WakaWaka solar power station and light - 2 projects

From their 2012 project at Kickstarter:

We designed the coolest looking solar LED lamp and we called it ‘WAKAWAKA’ which means ‘Shine Bright’ in Swahili. ...

Why is it cool looking? Because we want WAKAWAKA to become a success in the US and Europe as well. We hope YOU like it for example. And if YOU like WAKAWAKA, than so will someone in Kenya, Tanzania, India or Haiti.

I think that's a great way of describing one of the important ways that give1-get1 differs from regular donations.

Some of the rewards:

  • $30 donate a lamp to a school in Kenya
  • $35 get one
  • $65 "WAKAWAKA ONE FOR ME ONE FOR ...? yes, that's the question"

Total funding: $48,399. A followup project earlier this year received $419,474:

Super efficient Personal Solar Power Station to charge your iPad, iPhone or any other smart phone. With excellent reading light.

More info on their website.

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TeloMe - a telomere test

A scientific project at Indiegogo earlier this year:

TeloMe has developed the first affordable, direct-to-you telomere test. Take control of your long-term health with our convenient, saliva-based test.

Selected perks:

  • $99 Saliva-based telomere test
  • $139 listed as "Give One, Get One" but actually just give half:

Pledge to support the Personal Genome Project (PGP) by covering half of the cost of one standard TeloMe test for the PGP's data set and get one for yourself at a discounted rate!

A little science:

Telomeres are the protective pieces of DNA on the ends of our chromosomes. They've been compared to the caps on the ends of shoelaces. They've also been compared to clocks inside our cells because they tick down, or shorten over time and exposure to various stresses. As they wind down, so do our cells. Short telomeres are associated with higher risk of a wide range of failing health, and older people aren't the only ones at risk.

Lots more on their website.

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